In the interest of creating a controlled and high-quality system for athletes to get feedback from judges at the NPC XCALIBUR CUP we have come up with a JUDGES FEEDBACK SYSTEM for this event.

One judge has been assigned to assess each athlete in a DIVISION.

Competitors will have ONE (1) week from the date of the show to reach out to that particular judge. (June 30, 2018)

You may email that judge and you MUST provide contest photos & your competitor number with your email.

No other judge is obligated to respond to your feedback request.

Our hope is this process provides consistent & usable advice to assist your subsequent participation in NPC events.

The following judges will provide you feedback in these respective divisions:

Bikini-  Marty Vranicar marty.vranicar56@gmail.com

Figure – Tavish Steele tavishsteele89@gmail.com

Men’s Physique– Andy Landis asldml@msn.com

Women’s Physique – Natalie Reimer  natalie.reimer78@gmail.com

Bodybuilding – Chas Wardle mydna2003@hotmail.com

Classic Physique – Ed Martin edward@edwardjmartin.com